Pipeline-as-code can be best defined as an approach of writing a deployment pipeline as code and categorizing it under source control. Learn more: https://www.cuelogic.com/blog/pipeline-as-code

Blockchain and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are often considered as the big technologies of the future. Their functionality and applicability have widened their use in almost every field. While these technologies have been with us for a very long time, they are still not in the mainstream. Business organizations are continuously working to find new and improved ways to implement Blockchain technology and AI to make IoT App Development smarter and more secure.

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain Technology is often called Distributed Ledger Technology. It is a technology linked to the cryptocurrency that holds a list of records -, called…

From conceptualization to deployment, the process of developing software applications or web applications is complex. By going through several intricate phases of development, a web application or software is tested on multiple levels before being proceeded into production.

In most cases, software application development becomes time-consuming due to its specifications and complexities. In order to deliver the application in a short span of time, software developers are following a universal set of practices called the DevOps lifecycle.

So, what is DevOps in the world of software application development? …

Cloud Costs are rising? With a combined experience of more than 22+ years between them, Sunu and Vikrant helps you on your cloud cost optimization journey, without compromising on development and user experience.

We break down tips, ticks, hacks and best practices to keep costs in check. We are talking about Network, Storage, Compute, CDN, Human Factor, Devops and pretty much the entire spectrum on cloud cost optimization.

This video is all you need to watch to know where to look to save costs and how to do it. …

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In this modern age, a lot of research has been applied to building better technical solutions. In Agile development, client feedback is used to make frequent changes in the code to improvise the system regularly. This requires teams to be super efficient in their collaboration and to get quick results for their approach.

To better save their time, cost, and optimizing the whole process, most companies use offshore software-development services to get their work done efficiently. Most of the top organizations in developed countries look to partner teams in developing countries for software development outsourcing.

Agile offshore development brings offshore…

Ideally, the lifecycle of React.js is split into four core stages

The React.js lifecycle is an extensive tool that can be used to design a memorable experience on the web. It is one of the most robust avenues in the development word to allow us to create UI-oriented applications.

These apps can be launched on the web for the greater audience to consume as well. While React.js is being updated regularly, the core functionality follows a lifecycle route.

React.js components rise and give birth to others in a loop format. This makes the entire process that much more efficient and lean.

Ideally, the lifecycle of React.js …

So, you’ve heard all about the advantages of outsourcing, and you’ve finally decided to hop on to that bandwagon yourself. After all, which business doesn’t want to opt for a cost-efficient practice that can facilitate better distribution of resources, right? However, when you decide to outsource your software requirements, one of the most pressing questions is this — How do you go about selecting the perfect partner?

There’s no one-word answer. Still, it’s not impossible to figure out what the best partners for outsourcing software development are. …

Do you have a compelling product idea? Want to build a new product? Are you new to outsourcing industry? And would like to understand what you should keep in-house and what you should offshore?

There is a very important need to be educated with truthful knowledge about offshoring rather than just eaves dropping rumours about how bad could offshoring be for your business. Here is a quick sneak peek about what steps you should perform before thinking of you need or you don’t need to offshore.

Let’s put a table under the headings “Skills”, “Capacity” and “Budget” which might help…

You heard? Too many of the offshore projects stuck in the last few years. As per The Aberdeen Group statistics, nearly 30 percent of the projects failed in the past years, even further the failure rate increases to 50 percent when it comes to offshore developers, which is why nearly 1 in 3 projects fails. So what can be done to increase the odds to your success and how?

At the first let’s understand why I would like to offshore my projects:

Technology depth and breadth: In today’s world where technology is evolving at a break neck speed, filled with…

Selecting the right BI tool that the best fit for your organization is critical to address your big data problem. This process includes prioritizing and gathering BI requirements, as well as finding appropriate use cases and tool categories and styles.

The big data and visualization market is presently filled with different kinds of visualization tools such as Tableau, Power BI, IBM Cognos (to name a few) having well-defined functions and user-friendly interface.

However, this is not the complete story as there are more advanced tools for professional developers and data scientists to derive customized insights out of these structured and…

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